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Staircase into Hell

A p R i L
1 April 1986
Manty Fuck
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Sometimes I wonder why the sky is blue,
Or when the earth will start over again,
And become something so grand and new.
Sometimes I wonder why people always try,
When they know that it is not even worth it,
For in the end we simply die.
Sometimes I wonder if this world is real,
Or if it is just a vivid never ending dream,
One that will just devour us like a meal.
Sometimes I wonder what is on the other side,
If there is something better or just darkness,
And if that man to me had simply lied.
Sometimes I wonder if the truth will be reality,
For I am sick of living in such a lie,
And it is time for me to open my eyes and see.
Sometimes I wonder if my wondering will ever end,
But I know that is will always continue on,
And there will be always something around that bend...

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